Seattle's Best Coffee Opens New Drive thru Concept Stores

New SBC drive thru
New SBC drive thru

I saw in the news today that Seattle's Best Coffee is opening a new drive thru concept store!  Today (3-19-2012) marks the opening day of the first one  in Northlake, Illinois.  I am not a huge fan of the drive thru, but I thought this looked kind of cool.  The official announcement about it is here.   I definitely think that SBC needs more stores, because when you're shopping for SBC items in the grocery store, you don't get any sense of the fun things that are actually offered in the store.  Maybe more people will get to try the cold brew coffee that I mentioned earlier.  I like this picture of it (taken from the Starbucks newsroom):

As I previously mentioned, the official announcement is here:

This blog is a very quiet blog compared to my other blog, but by chance do I have any readers who have gone to visit this store? (and who could send me more photos?)  By the way, it does not appear that this new store in on the Seattle's Best store locator yet, but if I get more photos, and an exact address, I will post those at a later date.

What do you think of the new concept drive thru store?